Each of us has his or her idea of God. To some, He is an austere personality instilling fear in his believers and meting out wrathful judgement to wrong-doers, seated on a throne in Heaven. To others he is a benign Father, caring for his vast family of every colour and creed and personified in everything that is beautiful around us. The latter is the broad Spiritualist viewpoint as envisaging the one supreme power.

We regard him as the author of a divine plan, the natural law through which the universe, which He created, is governed and based on love, not fear. He is the controlling force of all, and “the Greatest Central Source of all life and love” as Andrew Jackson Davis, another of our pioneers so forcefully proclaimed. When we transgress these laws we are betraying a trust for which we have to pay, either here, or in the life thereafter. Our relationship with God is therefore determined by our obedience to these laws.