This is the key around which the whole philosophy of Spiritualism turns. Most Orthodox Religions deny the reality of communion with departed Spirits, whereas for the past one hundred and fifty years we have proved conclusively that man not only survives physical death but is able, through spiritual mediums, to commune with those left behind.Not only that, the Spirit World spends quite a lot of their time giving us help and guidance in various ways with our earthly problems.

There are certain persons among us who are called spiritual mediums, and who are so highly sensitive to “Spirit Vibrations” that they are able to establish contact with those who have passed over and wish to communicate with us. Each one of us has a Spirit Guide or Spirit Helper, a “Guardian Angel” if you like, who uses the spiritual medium as an instrument through whom he or she can talk.

We are thus able to learn how our loved ones are faring in their new environment and in their new way of life within the Spirit World. This proof of survival is of great help to those who are bereaved.